Server Information Edit

The Elder Days is a Minecraft Lord of the Rings server that went online on December 33, 3000. It has a custom lore and a new map displaying the lands of the first age, new textures to enhance the experience, as well as new factions, structures, mobs, and items.

We are still in the planning and developing stage. The server is scheduled to be opened in spring 2020.

Click here to download our mod pack.

Click here to read our general rules.

Searching for coders, modders, texturers or writers. Edit

We are searching for dedicated and active developers who want to help our server behind the scene with coding, modding, texturing or writing lore. Join our discord and leave us a message or send your application directly to

Discord Edit

Come and connect with us on our discord! Important updates or events will be alerted of here. If you have any questions or if you need help, don't be afraid to reach out.

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Staff Edit

Name Position
Aragorn Owner & Lore Master
Solomanbraum Administrator & Texturer
Silversita Administrator & Lore
LegalHits Developer
Michmosca Developer & Writer
SuperSam_792 Developer
TheBomb Texturer
SIGGEN Texturer & Marketeer
TheArcReactor Marketeer
Ser Hrun Blackfire Writer
BrackoBat Writer

How to become staff Edit

If there is ever any need for a new staff member, it will be announced here and on our discord server, and then it will be possible to apply for staff on our forums. To become staff you have to write a good application for why we should choose you and what makes you different from the other applicants.

How to appeal a ban Edit

If you feel like you have been mistreated or have been wrongfully banned you can appeal your ban at our forums or directly to

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